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Posted :    2/15/2018
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Posted :    2/1/2018
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Posted :    1/30/2018
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Posted By :    Deb Milheim  (
Posted :    4/19/2017
Comments :    I can't express enough gratitude to Dr. Chuch and his staff. Dr. Church helped my baby go peacefully over the rainbow bridge. He cared for her and when I made the decision he treated her like one of his own . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Posted By :    Darla Benko  (
Posted :    4/24/2015
Comments :    I was told by many people that Dr. Church was a very good Vet. I work as a dog groomer. This is late in coming because I didn't know about this site. He saw my Daisy a couple of times at a moments notice when she was very sick. He was down on the floor with her! What Vet does that? She was quickly taken care of with love and kindness and made well again. I recomend Dr.Church to every one.
Posted By :    Karen Roberts
Posted :    3/2/2015
Comments :    I would like to thank Dr. Church and all the staff for their assistance and understanding this weekend. My son and daughter-in-law were visiting from NJ with their rabbit, Gurdy. When we got up Saturday morning Gurdy was not moving her back legs. Needless to say we were panicked. I suggested calling Dr Church, who cares for my puppy, and even though it was a busy Saturday, he squeezed us in. From the woman who answered the phone to Dr Church, everyone made us feel comfortable and welcome, even though Gurdy isn't a regular. They made a horrible situation more bearable. Many thanks for everything!
Posted By :    Kristen Scherfel  (kscherf99@gmail.c)
Posted :    8/10/2014
Comments :    I want to thank the Staff who was available on July 30th. It was the hardest day of our life to put down one of our beloved Rottwilers Cash he was 2 Years old with Cancer. The entire Staff was so understanding and gave us as much time as we needed to say Good buy. It meant the world to me as well as the very heartfelt card from Dr Church on the loss if our Boy. I have never experienced such an understanding vetranary Clinic and a very personable Staff. Thank you for making us feel as comfortable as possible. The Scherfel Family . We also did get another Rotwiler puppy who we will be scheduling an appointment soon. I would not go anywhere but to your Clinic. Thank you again for helping us through a very tough time.
Posted By :    Michelle Bernard
Posted :    7/1/2014
Comments :    I have never been to a more caring vet in my life! Dr. Church and his staff were so wonderful to the needs of my cat Mr. Kitty. He had to leave us in the end but I was never lied to and I felt nothing but pure compassion from Dr. Church and the entire staff. We were not over charged for anything and there were no unnecessary testings done to add to my bill which was much less than I ever anticipated. He treated my cat like it was his own. I can never thank you enough Dr. Church and staff for how kind you all were to Mr. Kitty and my husband and I and for being genuinely understanding. You are thee awesome and I would never take any of my pets to anyone but you. I hope you guys enjoyed lunch on us because you more than deserved it! Thank you so very much again.
Posted By :    Joanne Bohrman  (
Posted :    5/16/2014
Comments :    I cannot do Dr. Church justice with mere words. He is caring,kind, honest, practical, and gives his time and expertise from his heart. He is guided by principles, knowledge, experience, and sound judgment. He is certainly not driven by greed, and he gives his time and kindness freely to the pets in his care and their owners.
Posted By :    Bob T.
Posted :    5/4/2014
Comments :    STOP searching for a veterinarian!!! If you have reached this Site, you have found the best Vet ever. Dr. Church is Top-Notch & his Staff if A-1. He makes first rate diagnoses and acts on them without hesitation. He does not waste your time or MONEY. An example of this is his attitude towards not recommending unnecessary treatments. Most Vets will tell you canine Rabies vaccines must be administered every 2 years. They do this to make money. Dr. Church will tell you Rabies vaccines only need to be administered once every 3 years, thus keeping your money in YOUR pocket. I was raised on a farm & have had dogs, cats horses, cows & pigs. I have never seen a vet with so much compassion for animals. THANK YOU DR. CHURCH.
Posted By :    Bill Van Gilder  (
Posted :    3/22/2014
Comments :    Dr. Church and his staff do an excellent job with both our dogs, Shady and Nika. Nika recently had an eye infection/irritation that did take some time to identify the problem. Dr, Church was patient with us and Nika by not jumping to conclusions and taking one step at a time to help relieve her of her pain. In the end, a sedation followed by a thorough eye flush solved the irritation. Thanks so very much for taking such good care of the girls. Bill, Rebecca, Shady and Nika
Posted By :    Camille Pookie
Posted :    12/19/2013
Comments :    I am an eighteen year young cat and my mom has taken me to many vets and vet emergence hospital's in the surrounding area's in my time and have never, never, come across a Dr like Dr Church! OMG he is amazing. For my first visit there he checked me out for problems with my leg. He gave me a shot and medicine for what he believed the problem is. He could have raked my mom over the coals but saved her money. Getting old isn't fun, but Dr Church helped me. He's the best I've ever seen and I have seen many. My mom was so impressed with him she wants to tell anyone who will read all these comments are so true that words cannot describe what wonder people are at Blakeslee Clinic, Dr Church and his staff are truly amazing and I would recommend them to anyone I know. He made my mom so happy, so to Dr. Church, Sharon, and the staff "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Holidays.
Posted By :    Sandy Cepiel
Posted :    4/9/2013
Comments :    Dr. Church and staff, they are really caring! Our little Lady, would eat things other then her food, and it caught up with her. We never thought it would ever get that bad. Dr. Church saw us right away, and was hopeful the surgery did the trick. She was packed with blanket and rug material. After a few days, it was obvious she was still sick. We were devastated. Dr. Church was very kind and did for her what he would have done for his own. He did his very best, and also felt the loss. We certainly do appreciate Dr. Church and the ladies in the office! They are truly the best!
Posted By :    Linda Penett  (
Posted :    3/27/2013
Comments :    Unfortunately the only opportunity I had to meet Dr. Church was when my cat of 18 years had to be euthanized. The vet that I had been taking her to was away and a friend recommended Dr. Church. Although there were many regular clients waiting to be seen, Dr. Church took as much time as we needed to examine KitKat and to review the options available to us along with his recommendations. He was extremely compassionate and caring and it made an almost unbearable situation easier to deal with. He helped me to make the right decision for my cat. He treated both myself and my cat with thoughtfullness and I am truly grateful for all he did for me and KitKat. When it's time for me to get another animal, there will be no doubt, he will be my vet. He truly was amazing. And also, thank you Dr. Church for the condolence card. Even though it made me cry again, it was appreciated.
Posted By :    Karen Parker
Posted :    3/24/2013
Comments :    Dr. Church and his staff are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They are not only super amazing with my pets, my sisters pets, my moms pets, and my dads pets. But, they are also amazing to the pet owners. I have three dogs, and a cat; they all see Dr. Church. He is not only very well educated when it comes to my animals health but he is also compassionate when it comes to my wallet. As the mother of two children, and four fur babies this is something that is very important for me to keep my babies healthy. He has squeezed us in on many occasions when our puppies have done something silly, or when we first found our kitty abandoned and wanted to get her checked out right away. I would highly recommend Dr. Church to ANYONE looking for a vet. *Also, to Dr. Church and staff I just want to thank you for your ongoing professionalism and kindness in treating our animals. They truly mean the word to us, and you treat them as much as a part of your family as we do. For that I am always thankful!*
Posted By :    Shirley Claude  (
Posted :    10/18/2012
Comments :    Dr. Church and his staff are the most personable and professional Veterinary practice I've ever visited! I took my 5 year old rescue yesterday and they fit me in and treated my little guy like gold! I can't express how much I appreciate a practice that treats my fur children like family!! Not only that but Dr Church is practical and empathetic. Thank you to everyone at Blakeslee Animal Clinic.
Posted By :    Joanne Zuberbuehler
Posted :    10/13/2012
Comments :    My four year old rescue Beagle was intact when she came to our family. Dr. Church recommended that we spay her for health reasons. I was concerned since she was already mature that there would be problems or complications, but it has been 10 days since her surgery and Bella is almost back to normal... And in time, I'm sure, will be a much happier and healthier girl. I have only good things to say about the doctor and his staff. Any problem with my pets has always been quickly and accurately diagnosed and fixed. I highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you, Dr. Church!
Posted By :    Scott Phillips  (
Posted :    10/10/2012
Comments :    If you are reading these comments because you are looking for a Vet - STOP. You found Him. I am a Business Owner (27 years) and an Animal Lover for 40+ years. Have had many Vets due to moving, Dr. Church and his Staff are absolutely without question the Best you will find and as an added Bonus - Honest, Caring and Reasonable in every way. I will not mention the names or locations of other Vets in the area other than to say I have spent time and money there BEFORE I found Dr. Church. He will be my Vet for as long as He or I are around. My Dog Mason was due to have Emergency Surgery and because Dr. Church was patient and thorough and not in a hurry to move on to the conclusion or the bank - My puppy was saved the risk and the pain of surgery. So, Thank you Dr, Church on behalf of my Family and "Mason". I thank you personally as well. As a Veteran talking to my "Vet" you have my respect and my gratitude. You are the kinda Guy I'd want in the foxhole with me if the "Doggy Poop" hit the fan. Regards, Scott Phillips President Scott Phillips Agency Inc.
Posted By :    Tammy McMahon  (
Posted :    9/28/2012
Comments :    Dr. Church is THE BEST!!! He and his staff are not only compassionate towards my dog (which is our princess!!), they are also compassionate towards the animal Owners as well!! We recommend Blakeslee Animal Clinic to every pet owner we know! But most of the time, the locals we talk to are already patients there, why....because they know the best Vet in the Poconos too!! Thank you Dr. Chruch and thanks to your staff too!!! You guys are the best!!!!!
Posted By :    Kelly Jacoby  (
Posted :    9/27/2012
Comments :    My name is Cocoa and I was recently adopted from the Animal Care and Control Shelter in Philadelphia, PA. Little did I know that I had tapeworm when I left the shelter! I came to the Pocono's (which they tell me is my 2nd home) on Labor Day weekend to spend 10 days here..Well, when my momlady saw I had worms she was very worried! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for seeing me (Cocoa) on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I was very impressed with your facility and of course with Dr. Church and the staff. I felt very welcomed and loved:)
Posted By :    Boguslawa Sosin  (
Posted :    8/2/2012
Comments :    I don't know how to thank you enough for taking such wonderful care of my little yorki Lucy. Both you Dr.Andrew Church and your staff have been so kind so caring save my life .Love Lucy Thanks ,Boga her brother and Daniel
Posted By :    Brandee Boroznoff & Melly
Posted :    6/30/2012
Comments :    Hi my names Melly, and I'm a young female cat. I got into something I wasn't suppose to and got a pretty bad allergic reaction. I was scared to go to a vet since it was my first time, but Dr. Church and his staff were so nice. I got lots of attention and started purring. I got some medicine and I'm starting to feel much better! Now my Mommy can stop worrying about me! Thank you Dr. Church and everyone! Meow.
Posted By :    Jacqueline Pordy Gwilliam  (
Posted :    4/29/2012
Comments :    We have 13 cats, 1 dog and 1 hamster. Dr Andrew Church is the only Dr i trust with them. Right now he has my cat BEAVER in his hospital at his request to see if he can get her to start eating again and get her liver back to normal. Dr church and his staff are incredible. They are all so loving, compassionate and great ppl. ty, ty, ty all and god bless
Posted By :    christine cooper  (
Posted :    3/13/2012
Comments :    Thank you so much Dr. Church for being so thoughful in my time of need with allie. losing her was the worse time of my life. , you are a wonderful and caring vet and truly cared for my dog.
Posted By :    Lynn
Posted :    2/9/2012
Comments :    Thank you for the compassion you showed to our beloved Yoda. My mom, Joan, said Yoda died peacefully in his sleep. It broke our hearts to say goodbye. He will be forever missed.
Posted By :    Lori Guarino Price
Posted :    2/9/2012
Comments :    I absolutely love Dr. Church & his ENTIRE staff! They are all extremely educated and awesome to deal with! Thank you for always welcoming me with open arms~ you all rock!!!! Thank you from Monster & Ruger 2!!!!!
Posted By :    Debbie Rogan  (
Posted :    2/7/2012
Comments :    I would like to thank Dr. Church and his staff for being there for my son and I when we had to have Triumph put down. You were all so very kind and helpful at making this as easy as possible. You were all always so good to us any time we needed to bring him in for his check ups. We will never forget your kindness. You are like family to us. Thank you so much.
Posted By :    Gina Jeffries  (
Posted :    1/6/2012
Comments :    Thanks again, Dr. Church, for being there for Cassie and me when she needs you. Tonight I was totally freaked out when she had the allergic reaction to whatever she managed to get into. You and your staff are THE BEST. I am so glad you decided on Pocono Lake for your practice!
Posted By :    Jessica Jennings
Posted :    1/6/2012
Comments :    Dr. Church, thank you so much for trying your best to save our cody. Even though he didnt really recover from the surgery i know he was greatful for our attempt to save his life. I know he is watchig over us and thanks you for everything. I know we do. Myself and my family all are very happy with not just how cody was treated but also how we were. You and youre entire staff is so nice. If we ever get another pet we will be seeing you again. Thank you for everything!
Posted By :    Susan Smith
Posted :    12/29/2011
Comments :    Thank you, Dr. Church, for taking care of Zoe in her final hours. And for calling us while we were out of town to let us know what was going on with her. We feel awful that we were not able to be with her during this time but knowing Dr. Church, we are sure he made her as comfortable as possible. Thank you!
Posted By :    barbara d'addesa  (
Posted :    8/10/2011
Comments :    To Dr Church and staff....or may i say friends? Last week i had to something i would have never thought i would have to do. This is about my dog, my friend, my baby girl DIXIE. she was 14. she lost an eye at 4 yrs old and lost her sight in the other 6 mo later. so she was a house dog and always at my side. Her failing health and being up there in years did not help with her fighting to stay with me. after praying for that miracle and hoping she would get better, we went to see dr church. It was the hardest thing i have ever done. BUT... dr church and made it so much easier to say good bye to my girl. she went with dignity. i was with her til the end. BLAKESLEE VET is the best. To have a " animal doc " take the time out for "me" ? to sit on floor with "me" and dixie. and before i left, i even got a hug. dr church is a very special person. THANK YOU AGAIN....and to your staff....thank you, you are all great.
Posted By :    Tard Altemose
Posted :    7/29/2011
Comments :    To Dr. Church and all his wonderful staff: I am a cat that recently got both of my back feet caught in something and made a mess of my feet. Dr. Church saved my life. I now have only 1 toe on 1 back foot and 2 toes on the other foot. They kept me and took care of me for 20 days. I love them all. They were sooooo good to me. I am now home with my family and am living in a big dog training kennel in my buddy Bill's room until my feet are totally healed. They are treating me like a "king". I purr and meow and look out the window all day long. I am so blessed to have Dr. Church and his staff as my friends. And my mom is very grateful for everyone as well. Thank you again for saving me.
Posted By :    Glen  (
Posted :    6/2/2011
Comments :    My cat got sick and I was new to the area in a panic I started searching for a vet. I called a few places with mixed results then I called Dr. Church I was not a regular customer and he fit me in that day. He is a very nice caring vet he checked out my kitty and helped her out easing my and my wifes fears he truely cares for pets and people. He explians in detail whats going on understanding it is a stressfull time for the pet ownner. I recomend him to anyone with a pet. He is now my vet. Thank you Dr keep up the great work
Posted By :    Darla Williamson
Posted :    3/6/2011
Comments :    Thank you to Dr. Church and staff. We are so fortunate to have you caring for our "family members". After battling heart problems for several month's it was time to let our sweet "Max" rest. The entire staff is always very compassionate and does not pass judgment. We greatly appreciate all you do and for your genuine concern.
Posted By :    Brandy Martinez
Posted :    9/10/2010
Comments :    WOW! What a relief to have an Honest, friendly and iformative Vet in our area. We dreaded another vet visit until today we left not feeling taken advantage of but positive to have someone who is so caring so close. Thank you for beuing so considerate to not only our Maggies needs but our too. We did not even have to address our concerns you instinctively addressed them, You have a wonderful spirit.
Posted By :    DAWN FOGG  (
Posted :    8/15/2010
Posted By :    Peter Mckinney
Posted :    7/24/2010
Comments :    I'm really not very good with words. But I would proudly say this about Andy(Dr. Chuch), I would blindly trust him with "my own life", and have, Daisy Duke was my whole life, before she passed. He treated her like she was his own dog. I have nothing but the upmost admiration, trust, & sincerity for Andy. I thank GOD there are still people like him on this planet.
Posted By :    Brian Niskala
Posted :    7/22/2010
Comments :    Hey Dr.Church i would like to know how my little Sasha is doing you took her under your arm months ago i want to know if her blader stones are gone and i would want you to know me and my family are so great full that you helped are little Sasha get better thank you your staff and you are the best thank you Brian
Posted By :    Cathy Laudano
Posted :    6/23/2010
Comments :    I could never explain the welcoming feeling you get from Dr. Church and his friendly staff. After a long ordeal with my lost dog. Dr. Church and his staff were more generous than they ever had to be and now we have a new member to our family. Our 11 week old brittany spaniel, Rosie. Thank you again!
Posted By :    Brenda Runne
Posted :    4/8/2010
Comments :    When you walk into Blakeslee clinic from the girls at the front desk to Dr. Church you feel that you are among friends. I have been bringing my 4 goldens to Dr Church since he was in school and I could not ask for a better person and staff to care for my babies. He treats them like they are his babies and takes his time explaining things to you until YOU understand. As for his staff,I have to say run that place. Then again as the saying goes,behind every man is a good woman or in his case women, they rock!! It has been so when it is time go for their check ups, I say," COme on boys time to see Dr Church and if you have any boo-bbos, Dr Church will make them go away." You sware they understand becuse thye go the drawer where there leases are and once we pull up in the parking lot, the tails start going nuts. Let's face it, that-is-not-normal. All I have to say is Thank you God for sending us Dr Church. God Bless you and your great staff. Brenda & Brett Runne, Harley,Dakota,Big Guy & Scooter XOXO lick,lick
Posted By :    The "QUEEN" of Bark Searfoss  (
Posted :    2/3/2010
Comments :    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Church, due to an illness that suddenly came upon me. I was so scared since I really don't like males. I usually attack them and break their nose! However, I instantly fell in love with him. He was soooo nice and took the time to explain everything to my mommy (even though she thinks I am going crazy). Even though, I am not back to normal Dr. Church promised to take excellant care of me! I want to thank God for blessing him with his wonderful personality and talent that he has. He is Fantabulous!!!
Posted By :    Dawn Suter
Posted :    8/3/2009
Comments :    Dr. Church and his staff are awesome. They took their time approaching my very scared, previously abused dog. My former vet told me to "break her of it". Dr Church was compassionate, understanding and explained to me that my dog's fears will probably stay with her the rest of her life... I will go to Blakeslee Animal Clinic for all my future vet needs.
Posted By :    Rebecca Racz
Posted :    7/10/2009
Comments :    I just wanted to thank the staff and Dr. Church for everything he has done for me so far. I have pet rats and they are my babies, and the staff was so friendly and thoughtful and compassionate. I could not find a vet that would have a reasonable price, and was as caring as this one. I appreciate everything this vet has done for me thus far, and will be vising in the future. This will probably be my primary vet from now on. Thank you so much! I would recommend this vet to anyone and everyone and is suitable for every type of pet.
Posted By :    jo ann di pasquale
Posted :    4/10/2009
Comments :    My name is Moppy and i am a 12 year old Shih Tzu. i visited Dr Church and his staff yesterday for the first time. they were all so nice and friendly. My owner was so impressed by the cleaniness of the office and the time Dr. Church took speaking to her about me and how well i was doing for an Older Doggie!!! We were both very pleased with our entire first experience there. We would definity recommend Dr Church to anyone. He is the nicest vet that i have ever been to. Thanks Dr Church!!!
Posted By :    Jessica & Robbie Evancho  (
Posted :    1/11/2009
Comments :    We would like to thank Dr. Church and his staff for taking such great care of our Babydog. She came in with an emergency and thanks to Dr. Church's superb expertise and compassion, Babydog came home with us the next day. The entire staff treated my little girl as if she were their own. Words can never express how greatful we are for all you have done for us. We know that as long as we have you, there is nothing we can't overcome. Thanks again! Babydog Evancho & Family
Posted By :    Sarah and Bruiser
Posted :    1/8/2009
Comments :    Recently moving to the area, I have found that finding a new vet was rather daunting, but going to Dr. Church's office put me at ease. It was the cleanest and nicest looking office I have ever stepped foot in. The staff was exceptionally courteous, and Dr. Church was great. Bruiser especially loved all of the attention he got and how all the ladies told him what a handsome boy he is! Thank you for making his first trip to the vet a pleasant one!
Posted By :    Erika Negrin  (
Posted :    12/14/2008
Comments :    Do we all make the most of every day? Dr. Church does with every single animal that he treats. He never, ever gives up and even when a sick furry friend is on it's way to Heaven, Dr. Church helps him or her move on with dignity and as little suffering as possible. My two beloved basset hounds, Barney and J.D., are now in Heaven and watching over Dr. Church as he continues to work miracles with all of his patients. I literally put my precious, precious dogs' lives in Dr. Church's hands, and he did all he could for them. I would do it all over again the same way; there is no one better. Let us all not take Dr. Church for granted. He is more than a medical professional; he is a true compassionate healer; he sincerely understands and respects the bond that we have with our pets. May we all try to fill our days in ways that impact the world as profusely and as deeply as Dr. Church does.
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