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Posted :    5/21/2018
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Posted :    2/1/2018
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Posted By :    Mashamek  (
Posted :    1/30/2018
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Posted By :    Deb Milheim  (
Posted :    4/19/2017
Comments :    I can't express enough gratitude to Dr. Chuch and his staff. Dr. Church helped my baby go peacefully over the rainbow bridge. He cared for her and when I made the decision he treated her like one of his own . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Posted By :    Darla Benko  (
Posted :    4/24/2015
Comments :    I was told by many people that Dr. Church was a very good Vet. I work as a dog groomer. This is late in coming because I didn't know about this site. He saw my Daisy a couple of times at a moments notice when she was very sick. He was down on the floor with her! What Vet does that? She was quickly taken care of with love and kindness and made well again. I recomend Dr.Church to every one.
Posted By :    Karen Roberts
Posted :    3/2/2015
Comments :    I would like to thank Dr. Church and all the staff for their assistance and understanding this weekend. My son and daughter-in-law were visiting from NJ with their rabbit, Gurdy. When we got up Saturday morning Gurdy was not moving her back legs. Needless to say we were panicked. I suggested calling Dr Church, who cares for my puppy, and even though it was a busy Saturday, he squeezed us in. From the woman who answered the phone to Dr Church, everyone made us feel comfortable and welcome, even though Gurdy isn't a regular. They made a horrible situation more bearable. Many thanks for everything!
Posted By :    Kristen Scherfel  (kscherf99@gmail.c)
Posted :    8/10/2014
Comments :    I want to thank the Staff who was available on July 30th. It was the hardest day of our life to put down one of our beloved Rottwilers Cash he was 2 Years old with Cancer. The entire Staff was so understanding and gave us as much time as we needed to say Good buy. It meant the world to me as well as the very heartfelt card from Dr Church on the loss if our Boy. I have never experienced such an understanding vetranary Clinic and a very personable Staff. Thank you for making us feel as comfortable as possible. The Scherfel Family . We also did get another Rotwiler puppy who we will be scheduling an appointment soon. I would not go anywhere but to your Clinic. Thank you again for helping us through a very tough time.
Posted By :    Michelle Bernard
Posted :    7/1/2014
Comments :    I have never been to a more caring vet in my life! Dr. Church and his staff were so wonderful to the needs of my cat Mr. Kitty. He had to leave us in the end but I was never lied to and I felt nothing but pure compassion from Dr. Church and the entire staff. We were not over charged for anything and there were no unnecessary testings done to add to my bill which was much less than I ever anticipated. He treated my cat like it was his own. I can never thank you enough Dr. Church and staff for how kind you all were to Mr. Kitty and my husband and I and for being genuinely understanding. You are thee awesome and I would never take any of my pets to anyone but you. I hope you guys enjoyed lunch on us because you more than deserved it! Thank you so very much again.
Posted By :    Joanne Bohrman  (
Posted :    5/16/2014
Comments :    I cannot do Dr. Church justice with mere words. He is caring,kind, honest, practical, and gives his time and expertise from his heart. He is guided by principles, knowledge, experience, and sound judgment. He is certainly not driven by greed, and he gives his time and kindness freely to the pets in his care and their owners.
Posted By :    Bob T.
Posted :    5/4/2014
Comments :    STOP searching for a veterinarian!!! If you have reached this Site, you have found the best Vet ever. Dr. Church is Top-Notch & his Staff if A-1. He makes first rate diagnoses and acts on them without hesitation. He does not waste your time or MONEY. An example of this is his attitude towards not recommending unnecessary treatments. Most Vets will tell you canine Rabies vaccines must be administered every 2 years. They do this to make money. Dr. Church will tell you Rabies vaccines only need to be administered once every 3 years, thus keeping your money in YOUR pocket. I was raised on a farm & have had dogs, cats horses, cows & pigs. I have never seen a vet with so much compassion for animals. THANK YOU DR. CHURCH.
Posted By :    Bill Van Gilder  (
Posted :    3/22/2014
Comments :    Dr. Church and his staff do an excellent job with both our dogs, Shady and Nika. Nika recently had an eye infection/irritation that did take some time to identify the problem. Dr, Church was patient with us and Nika by not jumping to conclusions and taking one step at a time to help relieve her of her pain. In the end, a sedation followed by a thorough eye flush solved the irritation. Thanks so very much for taking such good care of the girls. Bill, Rebecca, Shady and Nika
Posted By :    Camille Pookie
Posted :    12/19/2013
Comments :    I am an eighteen year young cat and my mom has taken me to many vets and vet emergence hospital's in the surrounding area's in my time and have never, never, come across a Dr like Dr Church! OMG he is amazing. For my first visit there he checked me out for problems with my leg. He gave me a shot and medicine for what he believed the problem is. He could have raked my mom over the coals but saved her money. Getting old isn't fun, but Dr Church helped me. He's the best I've ever seen and I have seen many. My mom was so impressed with him she wants to tell anyone who will read all these comments are so true that words cannot describe what wonder people are at Blakeslee Clinic, Dr Church and his staff are truly amazing and I would recommend them to anyone I know. He made my mom so happy, so to Dr. Church, Sharon, and the staff "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Holidays.
Posted By :    Sandy Cepiel
Posted :    4/9/2013
Comments :    Dr. Church and staff, they are really caring! Our little Lady, would eat things other then her food, and it caught up with her. We never thought it would ever get that bad. Dr. Church saw us right away, and was hopeful the surgery did the trick. She was packed with blanket and rug material. After a few days, it was obvious she was still sick. We were devastated. Dr. Church was very kind and did for her what he would have done for his own. He did his very best, and also felt the loss. We certainly do appreciate Dr. Church and the ladies in the office! They are truly the best!
Posted By :    Linda Penett  (
Posted :    3/27/2013
Comments :    Unfortunately the only opportunity I had to meet Dr. Church was when my cat of 18 years had to be euthanized. The vet that I had been taking her to was away and a friend recommended Dr. Church. Although there were many regular clients waiting to be seen, Dr. Church took as much time as we needed to examine KitKat and to review the options available to us along with his recommendations. He was extremely compassionate and caring and it made an almost unbearable situation easier to deal with. He helped me to make the right decision for my cat. He treated both myself and my cat with thoughtfullness and I am truly grateful for all he did for me and KitKat. When it's time for me to get another animal, there will be no doubt, he will be my vet. He truly was amazing. And also, thank you Dr. Church for the condolence card. Even though it made me cry again, it was appreciated.
Posted By :    Karen Parker
Posted :    3/24/2013
Comments :    Dr. Church and his staff are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They are not only super amazing with my pets, my sisters pets, my moms pets, and my dads pets. But, they are also amazing to the pet owners. I have three dogs, and a cat; they all see Dr. Church. He is not only very well educated when it comes to my animals health but he is also compassionate when it comes to my wallet. As the mother of two children, and four fur babies this is something that is very important for me to keep my babies healthy. He has squeezed us in on many occasions when our puppies have done something silly, or when we first found our kitty abandoned and wanted to get her checked out right away. I would highly recommend Dr. Church to ANYONE looking for a vet. *Also, to Dr. Church and staff I just want to thank you for your ongoing professionalism and kindness in treating our animals. They truly mean the word to us, and you treat them as much as a part of your family as we do. For that I am always thankful!*
Posted By :    Shirley Claude  (
Posted :    10/18/2012
Comments :    Dr. Church and his staff are the most personable and professional Veterinary practice I've ever visited! I took my 5 year old rescue yesterday and they fit me in and treated my little guy like gold! I can't express how much I appreciate a practice that treats my fur children like family!! Not only that but Dr Church is practical and empathetic. Thank you to everyone at Blakeslee Animal Clinic.
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